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Curves & Custom Applications

Extreme Flexibility

Convex, concave or even "S" curves can be easily and efficiently accommodated by the BEMO System. The BEMO panels can be curved by means of a specially developed rolling mill that can curve the BEMO panels smoothly to a radius as tight as 14 feet or less, depending on the profile and material used.

Tapers & Custom Width Panels

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Tapered (pie-shaped) and custom width panels are efficiently and economically manufactured with one of the world's first tapered-rolling mills for structural standing seam panels. This technology can provide tapered and custom width panels in continuous panels that are hundreds of feet in length.


BEMO can be manufactured using many different metal substrates. The most common is Kynar coated or mill finished aluminum. BEMO offers many standard Kynar 500 finishes, represented in our BEMO color collection brochure, which can easily be applied to aluminum, G-90 galvanized, Galvalume and Zincalume.

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