DOWNLOADS | Durability & Structural Performance

Durability & Structural Performance

These loads have a safety factor of 1.65
[1] The published allowable wind uplift values are derived from full-scale structural tests, conducted by an independent test lab utilizing state-of-the-art ASTM E 1592 chamber procedure.

This test evaluates the following panel performance considerations:

a. panel buckling strength
b. sidejoint disengagement resistance
c. clip/sidejoint disengagement resistance
d. clip strength
e. panel stiffness

[2] PRODUCTS - Quick Menu tested in 2.0 ft. and 5.0 ft. multi-span configurations, with intermediate values arrived at via interpolation.

[3] Do not extrapolate beyond charted values.

[4] These values do not include clip-to-structure connection considerations.
* Panel widths in inches as follows:
305 mm = 12''
400 mm = 15.75''
500 mm = 19.75'' (nominal)

Rolling to the Roof/Lifting Equipment

The powerful mobile factory mills are operated from specially designed tilt-trailers. This combination allows BEMO panels to be run directly to the roof installation area, greatly increasing productivity and reducing crane costs.

Pre-Clipping - Time Savings

The unique nature of the BEMO Halter system allows the roofing contractor to pre-install all of the Halter clips prior to panels arriving on site.

Superior System

A state-of-the-art roof system requires superior components that have been completely engineered and tested. All BEMO components are designed to fully integrate and enhance the overall performance of the whole roof envelope. From our exclusive halters, hook-clips and gable halters, to combination closures and snow-retention systems, you can be assured that the crucial aspects of the thermal and weathering characteristics have been completely addressed for all environmental and climatic conditions.

On-going research and development assures our customers that BEMO PRODUCTS - Quick Menu and services will meet or exceed the latest industry requirements.