global meeting

We are pleased to announce another successful BEMO Global Meeting.
This year's meeting was held in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico where the new BEMO Global Branding Program "The Sky's The Limit" was launched. The meetings were attended by representatives from every BEMO office around the Globe. Featured project case studies during this four day event included the New Doha International Airport in Doha, Qatar as well as the Frankfurt Square Office Project in Frankfurt, Germany. All attendees came away with a renewed energy for the high quality systems with which BEMO has become synonymous with."

Odis R. Sutterfield Jr.
Vice President
BEMO USA Corporation

BEMO USA built the booth incorporating many of our products and took full advantage of our remarkable capabilities. The back wall was constructed from horizontal BEMO 305mm serpentine curved aluminum, copper, and zinc panels. The conversation tables and shelves were fabricated from custom width stainless steel BEMO panels. The conical columns that framed the display were made using roll formed tapered panels from metallic coated aluminum. The video screens displayed a continuously looped video highlighting BEMO USA's global experience and capabilities as well as a dramatic slide presentation featuring many dramatic projects we have completed. BEMO USA is a Continuing Education and HSW partner with the AIA and was pleased to participate in this show.