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High Performance BEMO System -
Performance is Paramount With This System

The on-going research and development of BEMO continues to challenge the architectural metal industry. Our panels have achieved some of the toughest ratings for Factory Mutual, Underwriter's Laboratories, Dade County and ASTM.

Seams are continuously locked together on-site with a mechanical seamer to ensure a high performance roof system that maintains its architectural appeal.

BEMO has been designed and tested to meet the toughest environmental conditions to which a roof can be subjected. These unique systems offer the flexibility of allowing unrestricted thermal expansion and contraction via our exclusive attachment design.

BEMO has obtained one of the metal roofing industry's highest wind uplift load for this type panel, in accordance with UL, FM and ASTM standards
  • Factory Mutual Research Standard 4471: Class 1-90, 1-105,
    1-120 and 1-180
  • DADE County Product Approval: Hurricane Winds, Missle Impact and Submersion
  • AAMA 501.1 Dynamic Pressure
  • UL580-UL90
  • ASTM E 1592 "Standard Test Method for Structural Performance of Sheet Metal Roof and Siding Systems by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference"
  • ASTM E 1680-95 "Standard Test Method for Air Leakage through Metal Roof Systems by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference"
  • ASTM E 1646-95 "Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Metal Roof Systems by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference"

While BEMO actively tests to the highest industry standard requirements, we also offer special applications and performance testing as needed for individual projects

Please call for specific performance criteria.
65 6862 531 in Southeast Asia or 974 44 666 069 in the Middle East.