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Rooftop solutions for all leading solar modules, mounted at the same angle as the pitch of the roof.

No matter what make of photovoltaic module you choose, you can rest assured that it will be compatible with substructures comprising BEMO-AKKORD and BEMO-TOP mounting profiles. The effective width of BEMO's standing seam panels can be varied in line with your chosen modules' dimensions. Generally, a BEMO-AKKORD rail is installed on every other standing seam.

BEMO mounting rails are made of aluminum, and are attached to omega profiles, that are themselves secured to the standing seams, using a roll former. No bolts or drilling are required, so there are no penetration points - with the exception of retaining brackets on the eaves. This protects your roof from corrosion, and eliminates the risk of leaks via hole elongation.

BEMO-AKKORD rails comprise a specially designed extruded mount and a sliding block. The sliding block can be inserted anywhere on the rail. The modules are held in place by clamping brackets attached to the sliding block using metric bolts. Cable clips attached to BEMO-AKKORD rails keep cables organized and away from rainwater. The height of the standing seam, combined with the height of BEMO rails, ensures ample air circulation behind the solar modules. And a wide flange on the upper side of the BEMO-TOP mounting profiles allows you to mount secondary systems using self-drilling screws.

The standing seam panels are manufactured in continuous lengths, so no overlap is required. This ensures high safety, even for low-pitch roofs.