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When designing a project, we engineer a comprehensive
solution. Our walkway systems are almost always custom designed by our in-house engineering group. Every individual roof configuration and access requirement is different - we design a complete system for keeping personnel safe without compromising roof panels.

Accessing rooftop units, skylights, solar arrays and gutters is a matter of safety both for your maintenance staff and roof integrity - roof warranties are not compromised. Our access and walkway assemblies provide both.

Made from stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, our walkways, stairs, ladders and handrails can adapt to any roof design. Convex, concave, serpentine curved or straight, the complete system approach can be engineered and installed for any size or sloped roof. Our walkway assemblies are attached to our standing roof using UL rated stainless steel clamps that never penetrate the roof panels and allow expansion and contraction of the roof. Bemo's access and walkway systems are used in conjunction with fully tested fall arrest and fall prevention systems - building owners and maintenance contractors can provide a safe working environment for their personnel.

All of our Bemo walkway components and assemblies can be custom coated to color match the roof system minimizing the visual impact on the building design.